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Messi Biology fills the gap of high purity nano magnesium hydroxide products in China

Messi Biology has achieved an annual output of 10,000 tons of high-purity nano magnesium hydroxide series products, which not only fills the gap of magnesium hydroxide products in China, but also solves the problem of comprehensive development and utilization of water magnesite waste resources of Qinghai Salt Lake, which has plagued China for many years.

Qinghai is the only province in China that produces potassium chloride by salt lake resources, but the tens of millions of tons of water magnesite waste resources produced every year in the process of potash production have not been effectively exploited, Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. is committed to the comprehensive utilization of salt lake water magnesite waste research and development and industrialization work, and built a 10,000-ton scale of magnesium hydroxide industrial pilot plant.

Through years of repeated tests and continuous optimization, Hebei Magnesia Biological Co., Ltd. has completely solved the key technical problems of chemical synthesis method to produce high-purity nano-magnesium hydroxide, which provides technical support for large-scale industrial production of high-purity magnesium hydroxide. At the same time, through cooperation with other institutions, the high-purity nano magnesium hydroxide developed by the salt lake magnesium resources as raw materials, natural gas as fuel, developed an annual output of 10,000 tons of high-purity magnesium oxide production line, which provides a new way for the comprehensive development and utilization of the water chloromagnesite waste resources of the Chalhan Salt Lake that has plagued our province for many years, and also lays the foundation for the industrialization of magnesium resources.

At present, the project process has been completely open, product quality is stable and qualified, and its supporting downstream products project has also completed the installation and commissioning of equipment. This project is put into production, will have an important impact on the development of China’s salt lake magnesium industry, especially the high-purity nano magnesium hydroxide down the line, to fill the gap of China’s salt lake brine magnesium hydroxide, will completely replace the imports.


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