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Magnesium oxide -ceramic sintering assistant

High -purity magnesium oxide is widely used in various fields, including ceramic fields, such as filter ceramics, electronic ceramics, and magnesium oxide ceramics. Among them, magnesium oxide ceramics are used as a salamander of smelting metals and alloys.Series advantages.

Adding magnesium oxide to ceramics can make the sintering performance and heat shock of the ceramics significantly improved, and significantly improves the density and heat shock of samples of samples, greatly promoting ceramic sintering.Magnesium oxide is used as inorganic substances, with high stability, weak high temperature volatility, and can activate the lattice to promote sintering to improve the sintering performance of magnesium materials.

Magnesium oxide ceramics generally use heat -pressing and heat sintering, such as hot pressure, and there are certain defects for sintering sintering.The hot -pressed sintering helps the powder particles to fully contact and transmit spread, thereby reducing the sintering temperature of magnesium oxide ceramics and shortening the sintering time.The heat sintering temperature of the heat can complete the tightness of the burning of the ceramics when the sintering method is much lower than the other sintering method, effectively inhibiting the adverse response of magnesium oxide ceramics at high temperature.


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