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Magnesium oxide is critical to the performance and quality of adhesives

With the rapid development of the modern chemical industry and the continuous improvement of technology, many new materials are widely used in various fields, among which, magnesium oxide has been widely used in the adhesive industry because of its own advantages of stable chemical properties, good thermal stability and good adhesion and strength.

Magnesium oxide is critical to the performance and quality of adhesives

Take neoprene adhesive as an example, magnesium oxide has many functions in neoprene adhesive, including acid absorption, pre-reaction, anti-scorch and vulcanization. These functions make magnesium oxide an important and indispensable part of neoprene adhesives, which plays a vital role in improving the performance and quality of adhesives.

Magnesium oxide and resin pre-reaction can effectively improve the heat resistance of the adhesive and prevent delamination and precipitation, and the addition of magnesium oxide can accelerate the drying of the adhesive film, greatly increase the initial adhesive force and bonding strength, improve the transparency of the adhesive. In addition, magnesium oxide can also increase the viscosity and consistency of the adhesive, so that the adhesive is easier to bond and spread. Compared with other fillers, magnesium oxide’s regular shape and smooth surface allow for better mixing into other materials, resulting in a more efficient filling effect.

However, it is important to pay attention to the amount of magnesium oxide. Messi Biology experiments found that its dosage has an effect on the pre-reaction effect and the performance of the adhesive, with the increase of magnesium oxide dosage, the high temperature strength will be improved, but the stability of the adhesive will be reduced accordingly. However, if properly controlled, it can not only effectively increase the properties of the adhesive, but also make it have better tensile strength and heat resistance. In some high temperature, high pressure environment, magnesium oxide can still maintain its stability, which can effectively increase the service life of the adhesive. Therefore, it is widely used in the preparation of high-temperature adhesives, such as in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, electronic appliances and other fields.

In conclusion, magnesium oxide has very high application value in adhesives. As a key raw material, magnesium oxide will play an increasingly important role in the field of adhesives. Messi Biology will continue to research, develop and optimize magnesium oxide products in a more professional and rigorous manner to meet the needs of customers and promote the progress and development of the industry.

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