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The role of magnesium oxide in optical components

Magnesium oxide can improve the chemical stability and mechanical strength of the glass, and can reduce the crystallization tendency of the glass. If magnesium oxide is used instead of calcium oxide, it can reduce the crystal disappearance temperature, reduce the devitrification tendency and crystallization speed of the glass, and also have a positive effect on improving the thermal stability of the glass.

The role of magnesium oxide in optical components

In addition, magnesium oxide also has a certain influence on the viscosity of glass. When the temperature is lower than 900°C or higher than 1200°C, the viscosity of the glass will decrease, but when it is in the range of 900-1200°C, the viscosity of the glass liquid will increase significantly. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the change of the preparation temperature in time.

In the process of making optical glass and glass-ceramics, magnesium oxide plays a vital role. Especially high-purity magnesium oxide is an essential material for making high-quality optical element magnesium oxide single wafers. However, magnesium oxide with high purity, small particle size, and less calcium and iron impurities must be used to meet the requirements for use, thereby improving the performance of glass products and protecting precision equipment from corrosion damage.

In fact, many glass coatings we see in our daily life often benefit from the help of magnesium oxide. For example, the coating on the surface of the lens has strong anti-reflection, and the permeability to light will increase. It can help lens wearers reduce reflections and dizziness, and make the observed objects more real and bright, and it is not easy to be scratched. And can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays or computer radiation. Secondly, the coating on the glass surface can prevent the surface of the object from being easily polluted and affected by external substances, so as to maintain a brand new state for a long time. Finally, the surface of our commonly used cars also has a magnesium oxide coating, which can prevent paint oxidation, aging, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, easy care and is very environmentally friendly.

The high-purity magnesia for optical glass and glass-ceramics produced by Messi Biology has stable quality, the product purity can reach more than 99%, and various heavy metal indicators can reach PPM level. It has the characteristics of high purity, high specific gravity, and less calcium and iron impurities, and can be well integrated with glass components, so that the product performance and quality of glass products can be significantly improved!

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