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Magnesium Oxide Nano Production Process and Market Report

Nano magnesium oxide is a new functional fine inorganic material that emerged with the development of nanomaterials technology, its particle size is between 1-1000nm, widely used in electronic ceramic materials, medicine, food, cosmetics, acid gas adsorbent, catalyst carrier and other fields, has a broad application prospect and great economic potential.

There are many methods to prepare nanopowders internationally, and the classification standard is not uniform, which can be divided into wet and dry methods according to the preparation conditions, granulation and comminution methods according to the preparation process, gas phase method, liquid phase method and solid phase method according to the aggregation state of substances, and chemical and physical methods according to whether the preparation process is accompanied by chemical reactions. At present, domestic and foreign reports on the preparation of magnesium oxide nanoparticles mainly include liquid-phase precipitation method, sol-gel method, alcohol salt hydrolysis method, electrolysis method, vapor-phase method, solid-phase method, etc.

Magnesium oxide and nano-magnesium oxide are also used in rubber, feed, sunscreen cosmetics and other products, nano-magnesium oxide is a comprehensive upgrade of magnesium oxide, the upgrade has a very great improvement on the use of the product. We all know that there are three main aspects to measure the quality of magnesium oxide: 1, high specific surface area; 2, small particle size; 3, high activity.

Rubber field, especially radial tires and transparent rubber products production, magnesium oxide is excellent vulcanization active agent. Large specific surface area, high activity can significantly improve the thermal conductivity, wear resistance, tear resistance, tensile strength, finish and other indicators, and if the use of high-quality nano magnesium oxide can save 30-50% of its dosage, greatly reducing the cost of the product. For the automotive tire manufacturing industry, high quality magnesium oxide nano is undoubtedly a better choice.

Sunscreen skin care products magnesium oxide is essential, sunscreen is the main thing is to stop the UV damage to the skin, sunscreen skin care products sunscreen strength and magnesium oxide particle size has a direct relationship, when the smaller the particle size of the material can reduce the UV damage to the skin, at the same time, if the particle size of the material is too large coated on the skin will not evenly, will make the skin too albino, unnatural, which is for skin care products Lethal, so for cosmetics class no doubt we choose higher quality magnesium oxide nano!

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