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A preparation method of surface-modified magnesium oxide nanomaterials dedicated to SMC thickening

SMC material is composed of SMC special yarn, unsaturated resin, low shrinkage additives, thickeners and other fillers. It has a wide range of applications in the transportation vehicle, construction, and electronic/electrical industries because of its superior electrical properties, corrosion resistance, and high flexibility.

During the preparation of SMC, thickening agents have a great influence on the properties of SMC materials. For chemical thickening of unsaturated polyesters, the most used are alkali metal oxides or hydroxides, such as magnesium oxide, calcium oxide, or barium oxide and corresponding hydroxides. But the relevant industry experience and research results show that: calcium-related materials are too sensitive to moisture, barium-related thickening materials are too costly, which greatly limit their application as high-quality thickeners in SMC, which makes magnesium materials, especially magnesium oxide materials become the most cost-effective advantages of SMC thickening materials.

Magnesium oxide material itself is odorless, tasteless and non-toxic, and has strong buffering and efficient chemical adsorption, the application of metallurgy, environment, construction and other aspects of research has been widely concerned, and according to the use of the environment purposely related to the modification of the material surface research has made great progress, including hydrophilic performance modulation, optical, electrical and thermal performance improvement. However, there are relatively few studies on the modification of SMC thickening agent, using organic acid as a coating agent, a preparation method of magnesium oxide specifically for unsaturated polyester resin FRP is given, based on the prepared magnesium oxide nano material by spraying and stirring.

The invention provides a preparation method of surface-modified magnesium oxide nano-materials dedicated to SMC thickening, which belongs to the field of functional nano-materials, dissolving appropriate amount of magnesium chloride or magnesium sulfate and polyvinyl alcohol in deionized water to form solution A, placed in a constant temperature water bath at 35℃; dissolving the same molar amount of sodium carbonate in quantitative deionized water to obtain the same concentration of sodium carbonate solution B; placed in a constant temperature water bath at 35 in a constant temperature bath at 35 ℃; quickly half of the sodium carbonate solution began mechanical stirring; rinse 3-5 times with deionized water precipitation, calcined at 450-550 ℃ for 120-180 minutes; continue to ultrasonically disperse the powder in deionized water, adding the appropriate amount of stearic acid Na solution; after standing clean with deionized water, placed in the microwave drying to obtain surface modified magnesium oxide nanomaterials. The modified magnesium oxide material obtained by this invention has a uniform particle size, and the surface modified magnesium oxide material with controlled thickening rate has an important application prospect.


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