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Messi Biology occupies the strategic high point of magnesium oxide industry development

Magnesium oxide to play excellent performance in different materials and applications, can not be separated from the basic research and industrial research and development in conjunction. Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. pointed out that the current magnesium oxide industry is still in the low-end field, which is in urgent need of transformation and upgrading to improve the added value of products.

The first thing to promote is the real combination of enterprises, research institutions and university innovation teams. Scientific research results must be truly integrated into the assembly line of enterprise operation. On the one hand, enterprises can be the first to learn of new breakthroughs in basic research; on the other hand, the market demand of enterprises can also be fed back to the upstream basic research. Basic research and industrial applications associated with the “baton” to pass up is not simple.

Secondly, we should do a solid job of basic research, for magnesium oxide products, improve and optimize the raw materials. On this basis, aiming at the high-tech industry group, to create pharmaceutical and food-grade products, through collaborative innovation to form a competitive advantage, to occupy the strategic high point of magnesium oxide industry development.

Finally, the government can choose a number of science and technology achievements that are expected to form high-tech industrial clusters to focus on supporting, while devoting to the introduction of high-end talents, integration of scientific research achievements and the collection of industry intelligence information. At present, the development of China’s magnesium oxide industry is loud, engaged in magnesium oxide R & D production of enterprise institutions are increasing, many areas have appeared in the same layout, duplication of construction and other phenomena, overcapacity situation is serious.

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