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Messi Biology is bullish on food grade magnesium oxide market

According to the statistics of Hebei Messi Biology Co., the international magnesium oxide market consumption structure, about 90% of magnesium oxide is used in industrial field, only 10% of magnesium oxide is used in food as well as medical field. From the global market, food grade magnesium oxide is mainly concentrated in food industry ingredients, additives and other related industries, the consumption scale is relatively stable. With the improvement of people\’s living standard, China\’s residents\’ demand for food is also rapidly increasing, which will drive the stable growth of upstream food grade magnesium oxide and other ingredients consumption.

At present, the layout of domestic food grade magnesium oxide production capacity is not as close to Qinghai, Liaoning and other regions as ordinary magnesium oxide enterprises. On the contrary, its greater extent is closer to the layout of the food industry. Affected by transportation, import and export convenience and other factors, there are few domestic food grade magnesium oxide manufacturers, most of which are concentrated in the eastern coastal area, and the domestic well-known food grade magnesium oxide manufacturers are in Xingtai, Hebei – Hebei Messi Biology Co. In addition, most of the domestic production enterprises through the industrial grade magnesium oxide reproduction system, the scale capacity device is very few. Therefore, China\’s pharmaceutical food grade magnesium oxide product production potential is large, the market capacity is considerable.

At present, China\’s food grade magnesium oxide consumption market is concentrated in East China, North China and Central and South China, which is closely related to the local population density and relatively more developed economy. East China food grade magnesium oxide consumption accounted for the largest proportion, North China and South Central region followed by Hebei Messi Biology Co.


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