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Preparation of High Purity Magnesium Oxide by Salt Lake Brine Method

Lop Nur Salt Lake is the largest potassium-containing magnesium sulfate subtype brine deposit discovered so far in my country. The resources of magnesium chloride and magnesium sulfate in the salt lake brine exceed 11 billion tons. The accumulation of magnesium chloride not only causes a huge waste of magnesium resources, but also causes \”magnesium damage\” and destroys the balance of potassium fertilizer production. Therefore, it is urgent to carry out research on the comprehensive utilization of old halogen magnesium resources in Lop Nur Salt Lake.

At present, most of the domestic methods that can actually mass-produce magnesium oxide with a content of more than 99% are the magnesium hydroxide method, that is, using brine as the main raw material, ammonia or alkali as the precipitating agent, first making magnesium hydroxide and then calcining and decomposing it into magnesium oxide. At present, Qinghai halogen grains or other chloromagnesia are the main raw materials, and the magnesium oxide produced by ammonia method can reach more than 99%, and the large-scale production technology of magnesium oxide is mature.


Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd., through a series of experimental studies such as the selection of precipitant, the test of precipitation method, the test of precipitation process conditions and the study of the recovery and treatment method of precipitant, proposed the method of preparing precursor and calcination of precursor by using two stages of magnesium precipitation to produce oxidation Magnesium, a magnesium oxide product with a purity greater than 98% has been prepared, the particle size reaches the nanometer level, and all indicators meet the requirements of high-quality products. High-purity magnesium oxide can be widely used in the fields of electronics, electrical appliances, optics, instruments, metallurgy, national defense and aerospace, and has high product added value. The application of this technology can greatly improve the comprehensive resource utilization rate of the Lop Nur potash mine and contribute to the sustainable development of the Lop Nur salt lake resources.

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