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Application of magnesium oxide in silicon steel coating

1. The coating liquid diverter is used to divert the overflowing magnesium oxide coating liquid from the surface of the strip directly to the lower coating roller, thus eliminating the need for a pallet, which has been considered irreplaceable by those skilled in the art, so that the phenomenon of scaling of the coating liquid, wear of the lower coating roller and defects in the quality of the finished product caused by the use of a pallet is completely eliminated;


2、Because of the good fluidity of the coating liquid, the coating liquid is evenly coated on the surface of the strip, and the continuous production of the strip is stable, thus the continuous production efficiency of the oriented silicon steel can be steadily improved and the operation intensity of the workers is reduced;

3, due to the use of L-shaped scrapers to eliminate the coating roll side dumping phenomenon and coating roll side scale accumulation, so that the strip side magnesium oxide coating liquid coating uniform, so avoid the magnesium oxide coating liquid accumulation of scale, under the coating roll wear and coating quality defects, greatly reduce the magnesium oxide and coating roll and other raw material consumption, improve the rate of silicon steel orientation, bringing considerable economic benefits.

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