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Messi Biology Food Additive Magnesium Oxide Product Description

Messi Biology food additive magnesium oxide is produced by the unique compound decomposition method in China, which is twice decomposed and calcined at high temperature of thousands of degrees to produce food additive magnesium oxide, and then crushed, mixed and aseptically processed in 300,000 grade purification workshop and packed into storage.

The content of heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, chromium, mercury, insoluble matter of hydrochloric acid, sulfate, chloride and other toxic and harmful substances in the product is low or even none. The purity is high and can reach more than 99%. It has reached the EU standard, far better than the national pharmacopoeia standard. The product can effectively avoid the quality accident of unqualified finished drug caused by the unqualified quality of magnesium oxide.

According to §184.1(b)(1), there is no restriction on the use of food additive magnesium oxide in food, except for the current good manufacturing practice. It may be used as an anti-caking agent and free-flowing agent in §170.3(o)(1) a shaping agent in §170.3(o)(10), a lubricant and release agent in §170.3(o)(18), a nutritional supplement in §170.3(o)(20), and a pH regulator in §170.3(o)(23). In accordance with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, magnesium oxide may also be used in infant formula in amounts not exceeding current good manufacturing practices.

I. Food Additive Magnesium Oxide Product Description

1, \”magnesium oxide\” molecular formula: MgO, molecular weight: 40.30 (according to the international atomic mass).

2, Category: food additive, magnesium supplement.

3, properties: the product is almost insoluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, dissolved in dilute salts.

II. Rules for acceptance

1, each batch of products are signed with the factory name, factory address, product name, batch number, grade, product quality enforcement standards, net weight, production date of product quality certificate.


2、When the supply and demand sides disagree on the quality of products, according to the provisions of the \”Product Quality Law of the People\’s Republic of China\”.

3、Packaging, storage and transportation

1. Pay attention to moisture-proof during the transportation of the products.

2、Package is made of plastic outside and woven inside. The net weight of each bag is 20kg and 25kg.

Because different industries require different magnesium oxide indicators, need professional customization, proportioning, the price will be low and high, the price is for reference only, the specific need to contact customer service to ask the price.

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