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Preparation process and application of food grade magnesium hydroxide

Foreign magnesium hydroxide industry is developed earlier, its annual output can reach more than 10,000 tons, mainly in Israel, the United States, Japan, to produce high purity, high whiteness. Compared with foreign enterprises, the production capacity of our food grade magnesium hydroxide enterprises is far from enough, and the high-grade products can\’t meet the demand of international market due to technical reasons, except for Hebei Magnesium Xi Biological Co. Therefore, it is very necessary to develop the domestic magnesium hydroxide enterprises with high starting point and high speed. With the technology development of biological field in China now, the application field of magnesium hydroxide will be more and more extensive, especially the demand of food grade magnesium hydroxide is huge.

Application fields.

Magnesium hydroxide is generally in the form of white amorphous powder or colorless hexagonal column crystal, the production raw material is very wide, low cost, widely used in food, medicine, chemical and drinking water treatment and other fields.


Because magnesium hydroxide is medium strong base (magnesium hydroxide solubility is very small, the solution is very weak alkaline, sometimes as a weak base treatment), so its solution is relatively small corrosive and alkaline, so in food can be used as acidity regulator, play a buffer, neutralization, curing and other functions. Food grade magnesium hydroxide is relatively high active, relatively loose structure, high purity, better whiteness, less impurity content, no Pb, As and other harmful elements.

Preparation process.

1, industry often to seawater and cheap calcium hydroxide solution (lime milk) reaction, can get magnesium hydroxide precipitation.

2, dolomite preparation of magnesium hydroxide new process, can get a better purity, better dispersion, and flake magnesium hydroxide products.

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