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Preparation of Magnesium Hydroxide Slurry by Brine Method

Magnesium hydroxide is the third largest magnesium chemical after magnesia and light-burned magnesia in magnesium chemicals. Slurry magnesium hydroxide is an environmentally friendly water treatment agent and is widely used as a neutralizer for acids. Precipitate heavy metal ions and remove sulfur dioxide. It is one of the products favored and respected by developed countries in the process of implementing sustainable development strategies, protecting the environment, and benefiting ecological development. Known as a green and safe neutralizer, an environmentally friendly flame retardant and a third alkali. Therefore, it has become an important research topic to prepare stable and highly active slurry-like magnesium hydroxide with cheap raw materials and processes, and has a good development prospect.

my country’s coastal seawater resources are abundant, and my country is one of the countries that produce more sea salt in the world. The national raw salt production capacity is nearly 30 million tons, and the by-product brine is about 20 million cubic meters. Brine is a renewable resource with high utilization value. The optimal conditions for producing magnesium hydroxide with brine as raw material and ammonia water as precipitant and the influence of various dispersants on the performance of slurry were investigated through experiments. Magnesium hydroxide slurry. Through the research of this experiment, it can fill the blank of the high stability technology of the slurry magnesium hydroxide product in our country and solve the problems in the production process of the slurry magnesium hydroxide.

Magnesium Hydroxide Slurry

Slurry magnesium hydroxide was prepared by using brine as raw material and ammonia water as precipitant, and the optimum process conditions for preparing magnesium hydroxide by brine ammonia precipitation were determined through experiments. The effect of the type and amount of dispersant on the performance of slurry-like magnesium hydroxide was studied, and the synthesis conditions and optimal ratio of epoxysuccinic acid for the preparation of slurry-like magnesium hydroxide polydispersant epoxysuccinic acid were determined through experiments. The best dispersant ratio of slurry magnesium hydroxide is: the addition of sodium metasilicate is 0.3%, the addition of alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether solution is 2.4%, and the addition of polyepoxysuccinic acid is 0.7%. The product prepared under the following conditions was placed for three weeks without delamination, and had good fluidity.

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