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Food Grade Magnesium Hydroxide

Brand: Tibet Mag Food grade magnesium hydroxide

Place of production: CHINA

Weight: 20KG/25KG

Product description: Tibet Mag Technology Co., Ltd. manufacturers and supplies high purity magnesia and dolomitic lime products used worldwide in environmental, industrial, agricultural and specialty applications.

Food Grade Magnesium hydroxide is used in dietary supplementation of magnesium, as well as in various industrial food applications such as the canning of green vegetables, and in detackifying sticky food preparations.

we are not a magnesium hydroxide powder FCC distributor, but a manufacturer focuses on technology and research, our main products are food and pharma grade magnesium oxide/hydroxide. Messi Biology is one of the magnesium hydroxide powder FCC suppliers.

Magnesium is a mineral that is necessary for good health.

It’s important for many functions in the body including, regulating muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels and blood pressure, as well as energy production and bone health.

    In addition to its role in several bodily functions, magnesium has important roles as a food additive (food ingredients).

    Food Grade Magnesium Hydroxide .PDF

    Magnesium hydroxide is commercially produced by the metathesis reaction between magnesium salts and sodium, potassium or ammonium hydroxide. It’s insoluble in alcohol with a low solubility in water.

    Milk of Magnesia is a brand name for magnesium hydroxide, a product used to treat upset stomach and constipation.

    Magnesium hydroxide is widely used as an antacid, laxative and pH regulator in the food processing industry.

    What is magnesium hydroxide used for in food?

    Magnesium hydroxide is widely used as an antacid, laxative and pH regulator in the food processing industry.

    Messi manufacturer magnesium hydroxides are

    • produced under GMP conditions.
    • manufactured in HACCP-regulated facilities
    • in compliance with USP, EP, JP
    • magnesium hydroxide powder fcc


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