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Granular Magnesium Carbonate

Brand: Tibet Mag

Place of production: CHINA

Weight: 20KG

Product description: Tibet Mag Brand Granular Magnesium Carbonate comes from China with abundant resources.

Physical Property

The Molecular Formula of magnesium carbonate :xMgCO3yMg(OH)

Molecular weight: 365.31(international standard)

Appearance: white amorphous powder.

Tibet Mag Granular Magnesium Carbonate is made by carbonization and calcination. The company has self-produced mine raw materials and semi-finished products testing means, the production line is mature and stable. The product quality is stable and the performance is good. Can meet the needs of customers in different industries.

Application of Granular Magnesium Carbonate in Different Fields

Since long-term use of urea and other fertilizers is likely to cause soil acidity, granular magnesium carbonate can be directly added to urea to keep the soil at an appropriate pH value, which can generally increase crop yields by 15%-40%, and can also increase the use of herbicides. The herbicide is most effective when the pH is 6.0-6.2. Magnesium carbonate can also compensate for the loss of magnesium content in the soil. Dolomite particles of 1.2-0.8um can flow freely. Used as a fertilizer filler, it can improve the conditions for plants to use soil nutrients, reduce agglomeration, and facilitate the adjustment of fertilizer ratios.

In the application of livestock and poultry feed, calcium and magnesium are essential nutrients in animals. Adding an appropriate amount of magnesium carbonate (or 0.1-1.5mm particles) to livestock and poultry feed can promote the growth and development of animals. , very beneficial in reducing disease. It should be noted that when developing and utilizing feed grade magnesium carbonate, the content of harmful elements must be strictly controlled. The specific requirements are as follows: Pb ≤ 30PPM, AS ≤ 10PPM; Hg ≤ 0.1PPM, F ≤ 2000PPM, acid insoluble matter ≤ 5%, – 2mm magnetic metal particles > 0.8%.

Granular Magnesium Carbonate Used in Poultry Feed

Granular Magnesium carbonate undergoes the usual processes of water selection, drying, crushing, grinding, grading, etc., and then undergoes processes such as rinsing, chemical treatment, pH value adjustment, and surface treatment to obtain a new type of extender pigment. Its chemical composition is stable, it has many advantages such as weather resistance, anti-sedimentation, fine powder, high whiteness, easy dispersion, low cost, unique process, etc., and can be used in various paints. The coating produced has the characteristics of reducing the amount of titanium dioxide, good hand feeling, good flu, high hardness, strong adhesion and other characteristics, and the application effect is better than that of ground calcium carbonate.

In the application of environmental protection, magnesium carbonate can be used to improve the flying of dust in coal mines, prevent and delay coal dust explosion. Dolomite powder is used as a filter material for water treatment, especially for neutralization from drinking water to industrial water, swimming pool water, etc., and for the removal of iron, manganese, silicates, etc. Research in this area is in progress.


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