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Properties and applications of fibrous magnesium hydroxide products

Messi Biology pointed out that fibrous magnesium hydroxide is a rare natural magnesium hydroxide mineral with good fiber whiteness, easy spectroscopy, high pile yield, and is non-carcinogenic. The layers are connected by very weak hydrogen-oxygen bonds, so it is easy to form hydrogen bonds with water molecules, well dispersed in water suspension, and can be used as sealing materials, flame retardant materials, etc.

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. has been studied and confirmed that the long axis of fibrous magnesium hydroxide is parallel to the long axis, and the structure is significantly different from the ideal octahedral sheet with large deformation. The chemical composition of natural fiber magnesium hydroxide is magnesium hydroxide,the content of magnesium oxide is high,about 65%,less harmful impurities,and the water generated by pyrolysis is better for environmental protection than carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide.

Fiber magnesium hydroxide has good adiabatic properties, large heat capacity, small expansion coefficient, contains structural water, generally decomposed into magnesium oxide and water at 430 ℃. Another reaction absorbs a lot of heat, lowering the temperature so that the material is not easy to catch fire; the generated magnesium oxide is deposited on the surface of the material, playing the role of isolation of air; generating a lot of water vapor, consuming a lot of heat. Water vapour absorbs smoke and acts as a smoke suppressant.

Magnesium hydroxide chemical composition is unique, in many inorganic flame retardants, because of its flame retardant smoke suppression, corrosion, low toxicity, moderate price and widely attention. At combustion temperature, magnesium hydroxide can decompose crystalline water, so that the surface temperature of the material drops, slowing down the rate of its combustion degradation, while the burning of plastic can produce a thicker carbonized layer, the generation of carbonized layer can prevent the entry of heat and oxygen, to prevent the overflow of combustion gases, playing a good flame retardant effect.

Magnesium hydroxide can also be used as flue gas desulfurization agent, has a good effect of desulfurization and sulfur fixation. Adding magnesium hydroxide in boiler fuel can reduce the harm of high alum and high sulfur fuel to the boiler, and can reduce the emission of sulfur dioxide and other harmful gases. The deep processing of magnesium hydroxide into non-precipitated, non-condensing active magnesium hydroxide can effectively remove sulfur from flue gas and reduce the pollution to the atmosphere.

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