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Study on the modification of petroleum sulfur resistant conversion catalyst carrier by magnesium oxide

The CoO-MoO3/γ-Al2O3+MgO catalysts were modified with magnesium oxide and studied by pressurized \”as-prepared\” evaluation device and XRD, SEM and other analytical testing methods. The results showed that the addition of the appropriate amount of magnesium oxide carrier additive to the γ-Al2O3 carrier is beneficial to improve the adsorption of water vapor and hydrogen sulfide, accelerate the reaction and the adsorption of products on the catalyst surface, and have a significant effect on improving the CO conversion activity of the catalyst, especially the medium temperature conversion activity.

TS-1 with particle size of 1~2 μm was synthesized and modified by MgO to kill a small amount of acid centers on it. The results showed that the TS-1 catalyst modified with MgO could significantly improve the selectivity of propylene oxide (PO) catalyzed by propylene epoxidation and reduce the occurrence of side reactions; under the optimized reaction conditions of CH2O2=1.0 mol/L, θ=60 °C, t=60 min, pC3H6=0.6 MPa, and at the ratio of 80 mL CH3OH per 1 g TS-1 The conversion of H2O2 reached 99.5%, the selectivity of propylene oxide reached 96.7%, and the yield of propylene oxide was also significantly improved compared with the unmodified micron TS-1 under the ratio.

Messi Biology independently developed and produced magnesium oxide for petroleum catalyst, content ≥ 95%, calcium ≤ 0.1%, sulfate ≤ 1%, iron ≤ 0.05%, chloride ≤ 0.03%, silicon dioxide ≤ 0.05%. It can be directly used as catalyst and catalyst carrier, which is beneficial to improve the adsorption performance of catalyst on water vapor and hydrogen sulfide.


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