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Properties and applications of magnesium hydroxide gel

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. stated that magnesium hydroxide gel, also known as magnesium hydroxide slurry and milk of magnesia, is a form of magnesium hydroxide with highly dispersed, low density, and high specific surface area. It is a white, odorless, non-toxic paste\milky substance with good colloidal properties and suspension stability.

Magnesium hydroxide gel has wide applications in many fields. In the field of environmental protection, it can be used in sewage treatment. As an efficient flocculant, it can effectively remove suspended solids and organic matter in water. In the construction industry, it can be used as a fireproof material. Due to its good high temperature stability, it can effectively improve the fireproof performance of building materials. In addition, pasty magnesium hydroxide can also be used in the preparation of nanomaterials, biomedicine, food industry and other fields.

Magnesium Hydroxide Slurry

The preparation methods of magnesium hydroxide gel mainly include hydration method, precipitation method and sol-gel method. Among them, the hydration method is the most commonly used method, which is mainly by adding an appropriate amount of water to the magnesium hydroxide powder, stirring and aging, so that the magnesium hydroxide powder forms a paste. The precipitation method is to add a precipitant to the magnesium hydroxide solution to cause the magnesium hydroxide to precipitate and form a paste. The sol-gel rule is to dissolve magnesium hydroxide powder in an appropriate amount of solvent and then add a gelling agent to make the solution form a gel.

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. stated that in the process of using magnesium hydroxide gel, we need to pay attention to its impact on the environment and safety. Generally speaking, magnesium hydroxide itself is non-toxic. However, some harmful chemicals, such as precipitants and gelling agents, may be used during the preparation process. These chemicals may have a certain impact on the environment. Therefore, when using magnesium hydroxide gel, we need to pay attention to reasonable use and proper disposal to avoid environmental pollution.

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