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The unique advantages of magnesium hydroxide flame retardant

Magnesium hydroxide flame retardant is an inorganic flame retardant with the following unique advantages:

High flame retardant efficiency. Magnesium hydroxide decomposes at high temperatures to form magnesium oxide. Magnesium oxide is a refractory material with good heat insulation and insulation properties. It can effectively reduce the burning temperature, delay the burning speed, and prevent the spread of fire.

Good smoke suppression effect. Magnesium hydroxide will release a large amount of water vapor during the decomposition process. The water vapor can dilute the smoke produced by combustion, reduce the smoke density, and reduce the harm of smoke to the human body.

Good environmental performance. Magnesium hydroxide is a non-toxic, halogen-free, non-polluting flame retardant that does not produce toxic gases and meets environmental protection requirements.

Flame Retardant Magnesium Hydroxide

low cost. Magnesium hydroxide is a common industrial raw material with low cost, which helps reduce the cost of flame retardant materials.

In addition, magnesium hydroxide has the following advantages:

The filling effect is good. Magnesium hydroxide has a large specific surface area and can be filled in polymer materials to improve the material’s strength, stiffness, wear resistance and other properties.

Good wear resistance. Magnesium hydroxide is a wear-resistant material that can improve the wear resistance of flame-retardant materials.

Therefore, magnesium hydroxide flame retardant has broad application prospects and can be used in wires and cables, plastics, rubber, coatings, fibers and other fields.

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