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Properties and applications of nanometer magnesium oxide with different morphologies

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. stated that nanomagnesium oxide is a new type of high-functional fine inorganic material. Because nanomaterials have special effects such as small size effects, surface and interface effects, quantum size effects, and macroscopic quantum tunneling effects, they have special electrical, magnetic, thermal, mechanical, and optical properties that are different from the bulk. Nanomagnesium oxide has different morphological characteristics, and different morphologies generally have different properties. Its main forms include powder, film and silk (wire, ribbon, rod, tube), and there are also some special shapes. At present, there are many studies on the preparation and application of nanopowders and films, but relatively few on nanofilaments and other special morphologies.

The average particle size of nano-magnesium oxide is 50nm, magnesium oxide% ≥ 99.9, calcium oxide % ≤ 0.01, chloride % ≤ 0.03, iron % ≤ 0.01, specific surface m2/g 30-50, iodine absorption value (mg/g) ≥ 60. The product is white powder, odorless and non-toxic, with small particle size and large specific surface area. It has optical, electrical, magnetic and chemical properties that are different from those of the bulk material, and has high hardness, high purity and high melting point. High chemical purity, MgO≥99.9%; has good suspension properties in water, is easy to coat, has a low hydration rate, and has a certain activity. The iodine absorption value is above 60, reaching medium activity, and is used in fluorine rubber. The added amount of activator in the medium is small, the effect is good, and it has a certain degree of adhesion.

Nanomagnesium oxide is widely used in various fine ceramics, electronic materials, medicine, food, aerospace, etc. Nanoscale magnesium oxide has defects on its surface and has very high chemical activity. It also has important applications in antibacterial materials, catalysts, chemical adsorbents, etc. Nano-magnesium oxide is used as a flame retardant in the chemical fiber and plastic industries; as a high-temperature dehydrating agent in the production of silicon steel sheets, as a binder and additive in electronic ceramic materials, electronic industry materials, and chemical raw materials; in the radio industry as a high-frequency magnetic rod antenna and magnetic devices Fillers, insulating material fillers and various carriers; also widely used in other fields such as electronics, catalysis, ceramics, oil products, coatings, etc.

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