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Research and development of single crystal magnesium oxide preparation technology

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. stated that for the key technologies in the preparation process of single crystal magnesium oxide, it has carried out structural design optimization of electric furnaces, cross-section and spatial temperature distribution rules in the furnace, cooling and crystallization rules of magnesium oxide melt, electrical parameter control during the smelting process and Various studies on impurity migration patterns and other aspects have determined the key technical parameters and technical indicators for the production of single crystal magnesium oxide.

Pharmaceutical and food grade magnesium oxide dry granulation process

Utilize high-purity magnesium hydroxide prepared from salt lake chlorite as raw material, and use process technologies such as light burning, briquetting, and ultra-high temperature electric arc furnace smelting to produce high-purity magnesium oxide crystal materials. This fills the domestic gap in the use of salt lake brine magnesium resources to prepare single crystal magnesium oxide. Material blank.

The successful research and development of single crystal magnesium oxide preparation technology marks another new breakthrough in the field of high-end magnesium non-metallic material technology in China, and will play a good role in realizing the diversified and high-value development of my country’s salt lake magnesium resources. It plays a leading and demonstrative role and provides important technical support for the construction of a world-class salt lake industrial base.

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