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Rectification of the magnesite industry is in progress, with more companies suspending production and prices showing an upward trend.

A special rectification campaign for the magnesite industry in Liaoning Province has been launched. The Liaoning Province Magnesite Industry High-Quality Development Work Leading Group and the Magnesite Industry High-quality Development Work Deployment Meeting were held on December 11. According to the “Implementation Opinions of Liaoning Province on Promoting High-Quality Development of the Magnesite Industry” and “Liaoning Province Magnesite Industry “Special Rectification Plan”, companies in the industry that are non-compliant, unqualified, have incomplete procedures, and lack certificates have begun to suspend production for rectification. It is understood that this rectification operation has a serious impact on severely burned and lightly burned enterprises. Many unqualified small businesses in the Dashiqiao area have stopped production, output has been controlled, and market quotations have begun to show an upward trend.

As early as August this year, the Yingkou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology had issued an announcement on the capacity replacement of 19 light-fired reflective kilns for refractory companies. The completion time for dismantling is concentrated in December this year and February next year. In the blink of an eye, it is the end of the year. Therefore, the light burn market was also the first to respond. According to the company, industry rectification has led to some companies suspending production, reducing market inventory and increasing shipments, so prices have increased by 10-20 yuan/ton.

Hard Burned Magnesium Oxide

Some companies have also reported that they have recently started stocking up for the year ahead, and market inquiries have picked up slightly. Prices are mainly stable for the time being, but are expected to rise later.

At present, the rectification of the magnesite industry has affected some severely burned and lightly burned companies to suspend production, and the market is beginning to show signs of improvement. Many companies say that the stricter the regulation, the better. Only when output is controlled and demand rises can prices rise and profits can be made. This rectification is intensive and will take a long time. The price of magnesia products may continue to rise slightly in the near future.

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