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The application industry of reactive magnesium oxide

I. Overview

Reactive magnesium oxide is a new type of inorganic salt material. Its activity refers to its physical and chemical activity and its ability to react with other substances. Compared with ordinary light magnesia, there is not much difference in chemical element composition of activated magnesia, which is mainly reflected in its activity value, such as iodine absorption value, citric acid value, etc. In addition, the average particle size of reactive magnesium oxide products is smaller, the relative specific surface area is larger, and the active iodine absorption value is higher.

2. the application of reactive magnesium oxide

Reactive magnesium oxide has a wide range of uses and can be divided into many different types according to different uses. In recent years, through continuous development and application research and development, activated magnesium oxide has been widely used in medical rubber stoppers, various rubber products, adhesives, light-emitting devices, gas sensors, glass fiber reinforced plastics, fluororubber, catalysts, adsorbents, etc., showing its Excellent performance. Messi Biology can be professionally customized according to the process and formula of different manufacturers, provide technical support, and formulate suitable special active magnesium oxide.

Some indicators of reactive magnesia are different from those of ordinary magnesia. For example, if the microscopic shape is irregular particles or flaky crystals or nearly spherical particles, it must have a suitable particle size distribution. Because of its high activity and high dispersibility, it can even be made into fibrous magnesium oxide, which is very easy to compound with polymers or other materials. Due to the high dispersion of ultra-fine magnesium oxide, it can also be used as a filler for paper, cosmetics, paints, auxiliary materials for various electronic materials, reinforcing agents and fillers for rubber and plastics, etc.

The application industry of reactive magnesium oxide

3. Prospects

The characteristics of reactive magnesia are manifested in the magnesia market. The application market of reactive magnesium oxide is very hot, and the market demand is relatively stable. It is one of the functional inorganic materials with a good development trend. At present, with the growing calls for environmental protection and rising costs, the price of magnesium oxide has entered an upward range. In the context of the rapid development of new energy vehicles, considering the increase in demand brought about by lightweight, the long-term price trend of activated magnesium oxide is very optimistic.

At present, Messi Biology has a professional R&D team in China, and its production capacity can reach more than 30,000 tons. I believe that in the future, if magnesium oxide wants to truly go out of China and go global, it must fill in the gaps in the magnesium oxide industry, subdivide the product categories of the magnesium oxide industry, and make the magnesium oxide industry truly high-end and refined.

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