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The Function of Magnesium Oxide in Silicon Steel Coating

I, Overview

Silicon steel sheet refers to a type of soft magnetic material commonly used in the low-voltage electrical industry. It is a large sheet or oriented silicon steel that is often cast and rolled into a standard specification of silicon steel for low-voltage electrical. It is widely used in motors, generator sets, power transformers, electromagnetic energy units, Solenoid valve electronic components and inductive sensors.

Magnesium oxide is generally used in the coating of oriented steel, and the insulating coating on the surface of oriented silicon steel is divided into three categories: organic coating, inorganic coating and semi-inorganic coating. Among them, the inorganic coating contains magnesium oxide, and the inorganic coating has good heat resistance and welding performance.

Silicon Steel

2, the role

What are the functions of magnesium oxide as the key raw material in grain-oriented silicon steel coating?

1. Magnesium oxide is used as a barrier agent to prevent the strip steel from sticking during high-temperature annealing. It is necessary to evenly apply a layer of magnesium oxide coating solution on the upper and lower surfaces of the strip steel.

2. The use of magnesia for silicon steel coatings can form an oriented film on the surface of silicon steel, thereby enhancing its mechanical properties.

3. Magnesium oxide can react with silicon dioxide on the surface of silicon steel to form an excellent magnesium silicate insulating layer, improve magnetic induction and remove impurities such as nitrogen and sulfur in steel.

3. Summary and precautions

To sum up, the coating quality of magnesium oxide coating solution on the surface of grain-oriented silicon steel plays a vital role in the quality of silicon steel products. Silicon steel coatings generally use light or heavy 98 magnesia as an additive, and the proportion of magnesia in the coating is 1/4. Among them, the content of magnesia, chloride, iron ion, acid insoluble and other indicators There are certain requirements.

Therefore, in the selection of magnesium oxide, the above indicators should be strictly considered, or it will be more reassuring and worry-free to directly choose the special magnesium oxide for silicon steel coating developed by the Zehui Magnesium-based team!

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