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Magnesium oxide makes camouflage paint more effective

1. What is camouflage paint

Camouflage paint is a material that is applied to the target surface to deal with reconnaissance and terminal guided weapons. Camouflage coatings are not only used for camouflage on the faces of personnel during field operations, but also widely used in the concealment of military equipment, military equipment, and national defense fortifications such as aircraft, tanks, and vehicles to prevent enemy reconnaissance. It has made great contributions to military power and can play a very good role in protection.

camouflage on the faces of personnel

2. The use of magnesium oxide in camouflage paint

1. Military industry:

As an important additive in camouflage paint, magnesium oxide is non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting, and has stable chemical properties. Magnesium oxide treated by Zehui can have good lipophilicity and hydrophilicity. It can be used as ultraviolet and infrared reflective material. Zehui Magnesium Oxide for Camouflage Coatings. Compared with ordinary micron magnesia, nano magnesia particle size is small, specific surface area is large, there are many hydroxyl groups in unsaturated residual state and different bonding states on the surface, and it can be added to many materials. Among them, the performance of raw materials can be significantly improved.

camouflage paint

2. Snow:

As the detection technology becomes more and more mature, the requirements for anti-detection camouflage in the snow background are also getting higher and higher. Therefore, adding a certain amount of magnesium oxide during use can help solve the problems of low UV reflectivity of traditional snow camouflage equipment and the whiteness of camouflage camouflage fabrics, making it meet the requirements of simulating snow background. However, it should be noted that the requirements for the whiteness of magnesium oxide are relatively high, so the magnesium oxide products independently developed by Zehui can be considered in the selection.

anti-detection camouflage in the snow background

3. Development trend

Camouflage coatings play a very important role on the battlefield. The development of camouflage coatings has provided a protective umbrella for soldiers and military equipment rushing to the front line of the battlefield. Therefore, the country has also been vigorously developing camouflage paint. Considering that soldiers need to frequently apply camouflage paint on their faces, the camouflage paint must be safe, non-toxic, non-irritating to the skin and insoluble in water. At the same time, it needs to have certain ductility, covering ability and adhesion ability. Therefore, safe and healthy magnesium oxide additives will also be indispensable in future camouflage coatings.

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