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Preparation Technology and Prospect of Nanometer Magnesium Oxide

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. said, China’s magnesium resources are very rich, is the world’s production of magnesium compounds in one of the major countries. Although China’s mineral resources, high grade, but the salt lake chemical industry on the utilization of magnesium salt is still very weak, magnesium salt production is still in the production of crude primary products production stage, is far from being able to meet the needs of the development of the national economy. In order to open up new uses of magnesium salt, to vigorously develop the production of magnesium salt fine products, especially the development of a variety of different uses of high-purity nano-magnesium oxide products. Nano magnesium oxide due to its unique use, become one of the first choice for the development of magnesium resources, its research and development will greatly promote the comprehensive utilization of China’s rich magnesium resources and high value-added magnesium product development.

Preparation Technology and Prospect of Nanometer Magnesium Oxide

At present, Japan, the United States, Israel and other countries have carried out research on nano-magnesium oxide, of which Japan is in the leading position. Japan in the eighties has produced nano-magnesium oxide products. With magnesium metal as raw material, using gas-phase oxidation technology, the development of the purity of more than 99.5 percent, the average particle size of 50-500 nanometers of high-purity magnesium oxide nanoparticles, the dispersion of products, insulation and heat resistance, light transmission and other good, in integrated circuit boards, infrared transmittable materials and other fields have been very good applications. Successful nano-magnesium oxide has been developed by liquid-phase dropwise method, with a purity as high as four-nine content.

For the production of magnesium oxide from seawater and brine, the main methods currently used in China are lime (or dolomite ash) method, ammonium carbonate method and caustic soda method. One of the disadvantages of the lime method is that the calcium oxide content of the product is high, separation is very difficult, the quality of the product magnesium oxide is mostly below 96%, and further improve the quality and will significantly increase the cost. Ammonium carbon method can produce high grade magnesium oxide, but the operating environment is poor, the recovery process of ammonia has high energy consumption, and the production of high purity magnesium oxide has high cost. Caustic soda method to produce magnesium oxide, high product quality, but it is difficult to pass the cost aspect.

China’s ordinary level of magnesium oxide product output is very large, a large number of exports, the market is weak, enterprises to compete for the market, competing price, resulting in poor economic efficiency and even losses; and high-purity magnesium oxide, nano-magnesium oxide, and some other fine magnesium oxide market demand is large, a large number of imports of products, the market has a broad outlook. So promote the structural adjustment of magnesium industry, accelerate the research and development of magnesium salt fine products in China, the production of functional magnesium oxide products has become a domestic development trend.

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. said that at present, the domestic preparation and characterization of magnesium oxide nanoparticles are still in the laboratory exploration stage, especially from the laboratory to the industrialization of the transition, but also can not provide a sound and solid theoretical basis, there is still a lot of research work to be done. Therefore, the preparation and characterization of magnesium oxide nanoparticles and modification research in the next certain period of time is still the main domestic research content and main direction.

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