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The application of magnesium oxide thickener in FRP

FRP is currently the world\’s larger production and more versatile composite materials, because the chemical thickening of FRP is a key step in the production process of sheet molding plastic, so the thickening effect is very high, composite magnesium oxide is a good choice for good value for money.

At present, the thickening agent is mainly metal magnesium oxide or magnesium hydroxide material and isocyanate, but isocyanate is highly toxic, in the promotion of green today is not applicable; magnesium oxide is currently the most applied chemical thickening agent, with thickening speed, raw material sources, such as a wide range of many advantages. The role of magnesium oxide in composite materials is very important, can play a thickening agent and increase the effect of FRP brightness. However, not all types of magnesium oxide can be added to FRP. The existing magnesium oxide added to FRP has the problem of thickening too fast in the first thirty minutes and not thickening in the later period, and the magnesium oxide product after coating is high cost and complicated process. And because of the organic coating inorganic, the coating rate and stability is not high.

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. developed and produced the high activity magnesium oxide can control the thickening reaction effect of low-cost magnesium oxide products. Solve the magnesium oxide in composite material application in the first thirty minutes of thickening too fast, the poor flowability of the material, sticky rollers, improve the late viscosity value, so that the composite material molding effect, demolding effect to satisfaction.


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