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Application of magnesium oxide in aircraft runway

The application of magnesium oxide is not only limited to industrial traditional industry use, in some military enterprises, transportation industry will also be used in magnesium oxide. For example, magnesium oxide can be applied to the manufacture and repair of aircraft landing strip.

There is a high-temperature and wear-resistant aircraft landing strip, which belongs to the application of fluorine rubber in the field of civil aviation, in which the main material is fluorine rubber, and other raw materials are divided by the dense and open mixing process to prepare blending rubber, and then vulcanized. The reason why fluorine rubber wear-resistant, high temperature resistance is so good, thanks to the raw material – magnesium oxide. Magnesium oxide in fluorine rubber mainly plays the role of vulcanization accelerator, can improve the product\’s high temperature resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance, resistance to a variety of chemical erosion role.

Aircraft landing runway uses fluorine rubber with excellent mechanical properties, high temperature resistance, oil resistance and chemical resistance as raw rubber, and adds high wear-resistant graphene and nano zirconium dioxide; the prepared rubber has excellent high temperature resistance and wear resistance, which can extend the service life of aircraft landing runway.


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