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Rose -shaped porous alkali carbonate carbonate micro -ball synthesis

A convenient rose -shaped porous alkaline magnesium carbonate (4mgco3 · mg (OH) 2 · 4H2O) micro -ball synthesis method, this method is divided into three water carbonate (mgco3 · 3H2O) front drive synthesis and the heat in its waterProcess of the preparation.Use the method of mixing the crystal assistance to synthesize the front -wheel drive, which obtains about 115 μm in length and a short -rod with a long diameter ratio of about 10.4.The “House of Cards” rose -shaped porous alkaline magnesium carbonate microspheres, the diameter of the microsphere is 30 ~ 60 μm, with an average of about 40 μm, which has good decentralization.

The appearance and phase transfer process in the thermal solution process were studied, and XRD, FTIR and SEM characterized the structure and appearance of the sample.The results showed that: MGCO3 · 3H2O was dissolved due to unstable at a higher temperature, forming a local saturation, generating non -fixed particles, and forming a nuclear crystal on the micro rod to 4mgco3 · mg (OH) 2.4H2O nanometer.The nano -sheet grows outward from the attached part of the micro -rod to form a rose -shaped micro -ball. The micro -ball grows up with the micro -golf. The particles of different parts of the rod will leave different traces on the micro structure.The analysis believes that the heat solution transition process is (mgco3 · 3H2O) dissolving-non-fixed object generation- (4mgco3 · mg (OH) 2 · 4H2O) crystallization process.


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