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Water heat treatment and application of magnesium hydroxide

The water heat treatment of magnesium hydroxide is a method of chemical reactions that take water as a solvent to chemically react at a certain pressure and time period between the boiling point of water and the supercritical temperature.In high -temperature and high -pressure aqueous solutions, the intensification of molecular movement will cause the response speed to accelerate, improve the solubility of magnesium hydroxide solids synthesized under normal temperature conditions, and achieve some difficult reactions under normal temperature and constant reasons.

By controlling the pressure and temperature of the water and heat reaction, the size, appearance structure, nuclear, and growth rate of magnesium hydroxide particles are controlled. The higher the temperature, the faster the diffusion rate of the ion, the dissolution of small crystals, and the acceleration of ions during the migration of large crystals, accelerate the growth rate of the crystal, and helps the formation of crystal products with large particle size and low water content products. Essence At the same time, the surface area and pressure of magnesium hydroxide have a lot to do. The greater the pressure, the smaller the surface area of ​​magnesium hydroxide. Therefore, under certain pressure and temperature conditions, an appropriate surface area can be obtained.

Although in terms of development of magnesium hydroxide in the development of crystal flame retardant, domestic is still in its infancy, but through scanning electron microscopes, it can be found that the particles of the product of the product after the hydroxide reaction are presented. It has good decentralization and can be used as a flame retardant additive for organic polymers.

As the application of polymer polymer materials is becoming more and more extensive, the flame retardant performance of flame retardant materials is also increasing. Due to the characteristics of multiple flame retardant, non -toxic, low smoke and other characteristics of inorganic flame retardant hydroxide, it is increasingly valued by people. However, magnesium hydroxide hydroxide concentrated under normal temperature and normal pressure generally presents irregular structures, larger surface area, wide particle size distribution, and strong reunion between particles. The scattered in things, and the compatibility is not ideal, and is not suitable for flame retardant materials.

Secondly, magnesium hydroxide can be used as flame retardant materials after the surface modification agent is treated. After the modification is processed, magnesium hydroxide can obtain a flame -retardant -grade magnesium hydroxide flame -retardant additive with a smaller surface area, a large average particle size, a rules -like structure, and a good dispersion and compatibility.


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