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The role of magnesium oxide in the field of medicine and common sense

There are many kinds of magnesium oxide, which is often used in the field of medicine with magnesium oxide is pharmaceutical grade magnesium oxide, together with the pharmaceutical grade magnesium oxide have what role.

The role of magnesium oxide in the field of medicine and common sense

Pharmaceutical grade magnesium oxide is used in medicine to make antacids, laxatives, neutralize stomach acid, neutralize stomach acid effect faster, stronger, long-lasting, does not produce carbon dioxide, to protect the ulcer surface, so it is mainly used in the production of stomach medicine. Applied in the field of biopharmaceuticals as a neutralizer, heavy metal adsorbent, anti-caking agent, filtering agent, desulfurization agent, delead, demercury, de-heavy metals and decolorant can also be used in health care products, food products as a caking agent, antacid, filtering agent, antimicrobial coloring agent and so on.

It is understood that the pharmaceutical industry, the foreign market is mainly the United States and Japan, the demand is much greater than the domestic, while the main domestic application areas in Beijing, Shandong, Guangdong, Liaoning, Shanghai, Hebei and other provinces and cities. China as a world-class production and export of chemical raw materials and pharmaceuticals, a complete range of low-priced, enjoy a good reputation in the world, the current domestic production of more than 1,500 kinds of chemical raw materials and pharmaceuticals, production capacity of more than 2 million tons, accounting for more than 1/5 of the global production.

As a result of taking medicines, the production of pharmaceutical-grade magnesium oxide standards are also very strict, in the production process, but also pay close attention to the destruction of the ecological environment, with China’s strong advocacy of environmental protection policies, API companies bear the pressure of environmental pollution, and continue to improve the energy-saving and environmentally friendly performance of the equipment to improve production efficiency and resources, so that our country’s API industry is more in the direction of health and development, and to do for the development of economic Contribute to the economic development.

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