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Two applications of pharmaceutical grade magnesium oxide

The application of magnesium oxide in the pharmaceutical industry is basically divided into two kinds:

One is to use magnesium oxide as the main material, directly as the manufacture of drugs to neutralize stomach acid, such as medical magnesium oxide, magnesium trisilicate, etc. ;

The second is to use magnesium oxide as auxiliary material for the pharmaceutical industry.

The former production is generally according to the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, product quality not only to meet the requirements of the pharmacopoeia index, and in the production process of fine, packaging, loading process using fully enclosed, disinfection and other measures; the latter product quality as long as to meet the requirements of the pharmacopoeia standard, its production process can be appropriately relaxed, but must do clean production.

Pharmaceutical grade magnesium oxide is a fine chemical, the product tonnage is low, but the value is high. Industrial magnesium oxide current market price of thousands of dollars, and medical magnesium oxide sold for tens of thousands, the latter is 5-10 times the price of the former. This shows that the production enterprises should pay attention to the refinement of the product, improve the product grade, increase the added value and improve the economic efficiency of the enterprise.

Pharmaceutical magnesium oxide has heavy ((5g about 10-v20rnL volume) and light ((5g about 40-v50rnL volume) two kinds. Medical magnesium oxide (Magnesium Oxide, Medicinal), molecular formula Mg0, the appearance of white powder; odorless, tasteless; almost insoluble in water, insoluble in ethanol; dissolved in dilute acid, in the air can slowly absorb carbon dioxide, part of the generation of alkaline magnesium carbonate.

Magnesium oxide is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry, as the manufacture of drugs to neutralize gastric acid. The effect of neutralizing stomach acid is strong and slow and long-lasting, without producing carbon dioxide. The neutralization produces magnesium chloride, which can lead to light diarrhea, so it is suitable for patients with gastric and duodenal ulcers with constipation and excessive stomach acidity.

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