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Why is magnesium carbonate used in rubber bladders

1. What is a bladder

General ball games (such as football and basketball) have a liner to support them, most of which are gas-filled and body-shaped spheres. This spherical inner bladder is called a bladder. Ball bladders are mainly divided into latex bladders, natural rubber bladders and synthetic rubber bladders. A good ball bladder is made of imported rubber, which is the same material as the inner liner of high-end automobile tires. It is processed through strict technology and is the inner source of the delicate feel of high-quality basketball.

Why is magnesium carbonate used in rubber bladders

2. Product application and function

Industrial grade light magnesium carbonate can be applied to the production of synthetic rubber bladders, mainly to increase the elasticity of the bladder, improve the friction resistance of the bladder and the role of the release agent of the bladder, which belongs to a higher-grade bladder additive . Magnesium carbonate is used in rubber products to make it have high mechanical strength, good wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. The compounding agent is evenly added to the plasticized rubber with a certain degree of plasticity to obtain a uniform mixed rubber.

The rubber bladder can be used as the skeleton of the ball after being inflated, and it is the main accessory in the ball game, which requires high air tightness and viscosity of the rubber material. When latex reclaimed rubber is used to produce rubber bladders, magnesium carbonate is used together to make the vulcanized rubber scorch safe. Compared with calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate can further improve the mechanical strength and heat resistance of reclaimed rubber bladders. Rubber bladder manufacturers The use of magnesium carbonate further improves the airtightness and aging resistance of the rubber bladder while reducing the cost.

3. Industry Analysis

With the improvement of material conditions, people’s pursuit of life, culture and sports is also getting higher and higher. Nowadays, basketball, football, tennis, volleyball and other sports are becoming more and more popular in life, and people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of balls in sports. Ball bladder is an essential gas-filled support material in football, basketball and other ball products. It requires good elasticity and sealing, so the requirements for raw materials are particularly high. At present, most of the rubber bladders on the market are made of butyl rubber, and the raw materials used in the production process need to avoid bubbles, air leakage or sand holes in the produced rubber bladders. The magnesium carbonate produced by Messi Biology has good reinforcing effect and good heat resistance. It is completely suitable for the reinforcing filler of rubber products. It is the first choice for rubber product manufacturers to strictly control the production process and reduce production costs. .

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