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Application of High Purity Magnesium Oxide in Acetate Fiber

Because cellulose acetate uses renewable plant cellulose as raw material, the production process has less pollution, cellulose acetate is not easy to catch fire, and can be used to make cellulose diacetate tow for cigarettes, textiles, liquid crystal display (LCD) polarizer protective film, Film substrates, plastic products, coatings, inks, etc., have excellent performance and various types, and have attracted worldwide attention. The cellulose acetate industry has developed rapidly.

Cellulose acetate uses high-purity wood pulp or cotton pulp as raw material, uses acetic anhydride as a reactant, and sulfuric acid as a catalyst. Instead, the reactants are transformed into acetate slurry by solid and liquid phases. Add part of the terminator magnesium acetate solution to the acetate slurry, the residual reactant acetic anhydride in the acetate slurry reacts completely with the water in the magnesium acetate solution to convert into acetic acid, and the catalyst sulfuric acid reacts with magnesium acetate to generate acetic acid and magnesium sulfate, thereby replacing After the reaction is terminated, the acetate slurry is transferred to the hydrolysis reaction, and after hydrolysis according to the prescribed process, cellulose diacetate or cellulose triacetate meeting the substitution degree requirement is produced. After the hydrolysis reaction of the acetate slurry, a sufficient amount of magnesium acetate solution is usually added in the process to react with the sulfuric acid used as a catalyst for the hydrolysis reaction in the acetate slurry to produce acetic acid and magnesium sulfate to terminate the hydrolysis reaction.

Magnesium acetate solution is the terminator of two important reactions in the production of cellulose acetate—substitution reaction and hydrolysis reaction. In the production of cellulose acetate, the reaction process of magnesium oxide and acetic acid solution is usually used to prepare a magnesium acetate solution with a specified concentration.

High Purity Magnesium Oxide


During production, a specified amount of magnesium oxide powder is directly added to an acetic acid solution of a specified concentration and volume. After heating, stirring, reaction, and correction, the magnesium acetate solution of a specified concentration is filtered, and a clear and stable magnesium acetate solution is sent to Used in the production of magnesium acetate.

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