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Application of magnesium oxide in microwave dielectric ceramics

Components such as filters, resonators and oscillators composed of microwave dielectric ceramics are widely used in 5G networks, and their quality largely determines the final performance, size limit and cost of microwave communication products.

One of the most important raw materials in microwave dielectric ceramics is magnesium oxide. High purity magnesium oxide has a large surface activity and high temperature characteristics and high purity, so the ceramic filter is generally used in magnesium oxide to ensure that the filter has good conductivity, mechanical strength and high temperature resistance.

Microwave dielectric ceramics have high requirements for magnesium oxide, the content is above 98%, the higher the better, iron content is less than 0.0035%, calcium content is less than 0.03%, potassium, sodium content is less than 0.005%, etc. The high purity magnesium oxide produced by Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. has uniform particle size, small span, low metal ions and magnetic material, and good dispersion. The raw material chosen mainly takes into account the difficulty of decontamination, production cost and feasibility of the process. Considering the above factors, generally choose brine as magnesium source, because brine is easier to purify, easy to control the production conditions and product performance.


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