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Messi Biology Specialized in pharmaceutical food grade magnesium oxide granules powder

Pharmaceutical food grade magnesium oxide is a fine magnesium salt products, only a small amount of domestic production, only a few enterprises such as Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. economic benefits; most of the small size of enterprises, quality is not high, backward technology and equipment, poor market development capabilities, the industry itself is not satisfactory benefits. Reversing this passive situation, first of all, to improve the level of science and technology, increase information exchange. Improve magnesium oxide R & D and production capacity, out of the country, to participate in the global economic competition, give full play to our resources, energy, manpower and other advantages, the development of new processes, new equipment, new varieties, new uses, new markets.

Messi Biology’s production of pharmaceutical food grade magnesium oxide granular powder, mainly used in the treatment of gastric drugs, duodenal ulcer surface; also for the preparation of artificial kidney dialysis fluid, disinfection potion and other pharmaceutical raw materials. In addition in daily necessities, cosmetics, toothpaste and other daily chemical products also have a wide range of uses; development in the food processing industry, such as food additives, flour whitening agent, alkaline agent, cocoa powder, bean powder, oil cake in the additives; the above are the development of fine magnesium oxide use of the list, the demand is large and stable, high value-added, good economic benefits, a great deal of work.

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