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What is the resistivity of magnesium oxide?

ICP, XRD, particle size distribution characterization and volumetric resistivity of magnesium oxide powder were carried out by Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. The results show that the insulation performance of magnesium oxide powder is not related to magnesium oxide crystalline structure, but to the particle size distribution of magnesium oxide. The narrower the particle size distribution and the smaller the particle size, the better the insulation performance of the powder.

Research shows that the magnesium oxide microstructure shows that the magnesium oxide molecule has a valence band full of electrons and a very wide forbidden band, at room temperature, the electrons at the top of the valence band of magnesium oxide is difficult to leap to the conduction band to become free electrons, so the electrical conductivity is not strong, 25 ℃, the volume resistivity of magnesium oxide is about 2.4 × 108Ω-cm, the current production to join the high insulating filler is the main quality of electrical insulation materials means to improve the quality of electrical insulation materials.


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