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Magnesium oxide can improve the heat resistance and anti-aging property of rubber

The heat resistance of rubber is closely related to its molecular structure and rubber components, temperature, mechanical action and surrounding environmental media. Usually the chemical stability of rubber is also a key factor affecting the heat resistance performance.

General conventional light-colored filler heat resistance aging performance is better than reinforcing filler carbon black, can choose white easy powder of magnesium oxide and white carbon black and improve the heat resistance of nitrile rubber material. Use magnesium oxide as acid absorbing agent or vulcanizing agent, it can produce adiabatic effect which can improve the heat resistance of rubber material, and at the same time can increase the resilience of rubber material.

The addition of magnesium oxide makes the heat resistance of the rubber material has been greatly improved, magnesium oxide in the rubber material after dispersion, the adiabatic effect of magnesium oxide causes the heat transfer rate in the vulcanized rubber material slows down, thus slowing down the rate of thermal oxygen aging of the rubber material, thus improving the thermal oxygen aging performance of the rubber material. It should be noted that the magnesium oxide with good dispersion must be chosen, otherwise it may cause the physical and mechanical properties of vulcanized rubber to decrease, the interaction decreases obviously and the compatibility becomes poor, resulting in the gradual decline of physical and mechanical properties.


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