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Application of spherical magnesium oxide

1. Brief Introduction of Spherical Magnesium Oxide

Spherical magnesia is also called monodisperse magnesia microspheres. Different from conventional metal oxides widely used at present, spherical magnesia has outstanding comprehensive performance. Its monodisperse three-dimensional spherical shape has good isotropy characteristics. , environmental protection, medicine, electronics, ceramics and other fields have broad application prospects.

Application of spherical magnesium oxide

Especially as a polymer filling material, it can significantly improve its thermal conductivity, electrical insulation, flame retardancy, mechanical properties and other properties, and can greatly increase the filling ratio. It is a high-end product of the magnesium oxide product series and belongs to the functional material industry of fine chemical industry. Messi Biology professional R & D and production team adheres to the core values ​​of entrepreneurship and innovation, and continuously develops new magnesium oxide products, which cover the world. The spherical magnesium oxide developed this time has better thermal conductivity than ordinary oxidation. After a certain process, the thermal conductivity can be increased to 40-60W/m.K, and the thermal conductivity is higher than that of spherical alumina. Increase the filling ratio, more cost-effective.

2. Application fields of spherical magnesium oxide

Application of spherical magnesium oxide 2

1, Additives for polymer composite materials: In industries such as LED lamps, electrical products, electronic packaging, electronic substrates, thin film materials, and special coatings, spherical magnesium oxide is used because of its excellent high thermal conductivity, electrical insulation, and flame retardancy. The comprehensive performance of polymer composite materials has been significantly improved.

2, Adsorbent: The mesoporous nanosheets of spherical magnesium oxide exhibit excellent adsorption performance, and can adsorb common toxic heavy metal ions and organic pollutants. It has broad application prospects in the wastewater treatment industry and is a green and environmentally friendly material with excellent performance.

3, Ceramic industry: Spherical magnesia has good fluidity and sintering performance, heat conduction, insulation, and high temperature resistance, which is very conducive to the preparation of high-quality special ceramics.

4, Bactericidal and antibacterial materials: have special bactericidal and antibacterial effects. It has strong antibacterial ability against Gram-positive/negative bacteria, Escherichia coli, spores, etc.

5, It can also play a very good role in the fields of friction materials and wave-absorbing materials.

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