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The preparation technology of basic magnesium carbonate

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. stated that as an important inorganic chemical product, basic magnesium carbonate can be used not only as a raw material for the preparation of high-purity magnesia, magnesium salt and other products, but also as a chemical product such as rubber, medicine, and insulating materials. Additives and improvers, the application prospects are very broad.

However, the realization of these potential applications is closely related to factors such as the purity, morphology and crystallization degree of basic magnesium carbonate. For example, when basic magnesium carbonate is used as high-purity magnesium oxide material, the content of calcium oxide and boron oxide is one of the important indicators to evaluate the quality of the product. As for electronic grade basic magnesium carbonate, it is not only required to have high purity, but also requires it to have special physical properties.

Magnesium Carbonate Light Powder

So far, there are many ways to prepare basic magnesium carbonate, such as: dolomite calcination-digestion-carbonization method, bitter earth powder-acidolysis-carbonization method, brine-soda ash method, brine-ammonium bicarbonate method, magnesium hydroxide- Carbonization method, and magnesite metathesis method, etc.

The main process of brine-soda ash method is to pretreat bittern and sodium carbonate solution, then carry out precipitation reaction, filter and wash, dehydrate, dry, crush and other processes to prepare medicinal magnesium carbonate. The main process of the metathesis method of magnesite is to use ammonium sulfate solution and magnesite for metathesis reaction to generate magnesium sulfate solution, then use the recovered ammonia to make carbonized ammonia water, precipitate basic magnesium carbonate with magnesium sulfate solution, and filter Washing, dehydration, drying, crushing and other processes to produce medicinal magnesium carbonate. The production of basic magnesium carbonate by traditional technology is complicated, consumes a lot of energy, and is difficult to remove impurities.

A preparation method for basic magnesium carbonate, comprising: extracting ammonium bicarbonate solution into a syringe with a stainless steel needle and fixing it on a propulsion pump equipped with a high-voltage electrostatic device; inserting the stainless steel needle into the reactor, and then injecting Use high-voltage electrostatic equipment to set a certain high voltage on the stainless steel needle, and set the propulsion speed of the propulsion pump at the same time to spray the ammonium bicarbonate solution into the reactor; Turn it into magnesium nitrate atomized matter, pass the magnesium salt atomized matter into the reactor through the carrier gas, and react; collect the reaction materials, heat up, add crystallization aids, carry out precipitation digestion, separate solid-liquid, wash, and dry to obtain alkali Formula magnesium carbonate; this process is simple, the process is easy to control, the conditions are mild, and it is easy to realize; the prepared basic magnesium carbonate has high purity, contains very few heavy metal ions, has a large bulk density, and has good fluidity and quality stability.

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