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Medical Food Additive Magnesium Carbonate

Messi Biology said that at present, domestic high-grade magnesium carbonate mainly relies on imports, and the market gap is relatively large. The annual demand for high-purity magnesium carbonate in China is nearly 100,000 tons, while the domestic production is only about 10,000 tons.

There is a large market gap for some varieties such as Pharmaceutical grade magnesium carbonate and food grade magnesium carbonate are still completely dependent on imports. However, there is not much information about high-purity magnesium carbonate. This is because internationally, high-purity magnesium carbonate is mainly concentrated in a few developed countries, with few manufacturers, and there are technical confidentiality issues; in China, Messi Biology has developed high-grade pharmaceutical and food-grade magnesium carbonate and high-purity nano-grade magnesium carbonate, which are comparable to imported products.

food grade magnesium carbonate
pharma grade magnesium carbonate
Magnesium Carbonate Light Powder

With the needs of national economic construction and the development of magnesium salt technology, the electronics industry, national defense industry and aviation industry need high-purity magnesium carbonate; pharmaceutical grade magnesium carbonate is needed for pharmaceuticals; in addition, reagent grade magnesium carbonate is needed for analysis, and special industries such as thin film materials, Composite conductive materials, high-temperature-resistant catalysts, etc. require high-purity nano-magnesium carbonate, etc. Therefore, the high-purity nano-magnesium carbonate developed and produced by Messi Biology has raw material and cost advantages. After the product is put on the market, it has strong market competitiveness.

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