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Preparation process of magnesium carbonate for cosmetics

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. said that among many cosmetics categories, the cosmetics produced with spherical magnesium carbonate as an additive are smooth, delicate, good in touch, white in color, bright in skin, and excellent in whitening effect, and are especially popular among people. favorite. And in the national standard, the index requirements for magnesium carbonate for cosmetics include magnesia burning constant weight content, calcium oxide content, chloride content, sulfate content, acid insoluble matter, iron, manganese, heavy metals, arsenic, etc. It is stipulated that, in addition to these chemical indicators, the bulk density as a physical performance indicator is also crucial for cosmetic magnesium carbonate products. The bulk density of magnesium carbonate for cosmetics will directly affect the fluidity, uniformity of mixing and uniformity of quality of cosmetics.

magnesium oxide as an additive powdered skin care products like blushes, eye shadows and facial powder

Add appropriate amount of additives to the magnesium bicarbonate solution, and obtain magnesium carbonate whiskers of different specifications by controlling the crystallization conditions of the magnesium carbonate. Although this process has high product purity, the reaction time is too long, which is unfavorable for industrialized production. Using soluble magnesium salt and soluble carbonate as raw materials, under the action of additives, by controlling reaction conditions, high-purity spherical magnesium carbonate powder is obtained. The product obtained by this process has high purity and short reaction time, but the concentration of heavy metal ions contained in the product seriously exceeds the national standard, which cannot meet the needs of cosmetic grade spherical magnesium carbonate. At the same time, in the actual application process, cosmetic magnesium carbonate manufacturers require that the bulk density of cosmetic grade magnesium carbonate should be controlled within the range of 0.16-0.5g/mL. Therefore, in addition to meeting the performance indicators required by the national standard for magnesium carbonate for cosmetics, it is necessary to develop a production method capable of producing spherical magnesium carbonate for cosmetics with a bulk density in the range of 0.16 to 0.5 g/mL.

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