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Analysis of the flame retardant mechanism and advantages of magnesium hydroxide

1. Overview

As people’s awareness of environmental protection rises, and the country’s environmental protection of rubber and plastic, cable, coating and other industries is becoming more and more strict, the development of low toxicity, low smoke environmental protection flame retardants will become the pursuit of China’s flame retardant industry goal.

2. The Flame Retardant Mechanism of Magnesium Hydroxide

The thermal decomposition temperature of magnesium hydroxide is high, the initial decomposition temperature is 340 degrees, the complete decomposition temperature is 490 degrees. Thermal decomposition produces water, while absorbing a large amount of heat. Its total absorption is 44.8kj/mol, about 17% higher than aluminum hydroxide, the hardness is lower than aluminum hydroxide, smoke suppression performance is significantly better than aluminum hydroxide, so magnesium hydroxide compared with other flame retardant materials can withstand the processing temperature is better, conducive to speed up the extrusion speed, shorten the molding time, while improving the flame retardant efficiency.

3. the Advantages

  1. magnesium hydroxide has flame retardant, smoke and filling

Magnesium hydroxide is an additive-type induction flame retardant, not only has excellent flame retardant effect, but also can inhibit the generation of toxic gases such as smoke and hydrogen halide.

  1. Non-toxic, non-corrosive

In the production use and waste generation process are no harmful substances emission, no pollution to the environment. High decomposition temperature, can be compounded with a variety of components

  1. Anti-acid

It can neutralize the acidic and corrosive gases produced in the process of combustion, and is an environmentally friendly and green flame retardant, which is currently in great demand and has a good development prospect.

  1. Extend the life of flame retardant materials

Magnesium hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide used in PP and PE at the same time, its flame retardant effect is significantly higher than aluminum hydroxide, this is because magnesium hydroxide in addition to its own dehydration when burning decomposition, can also promote the polymer into carbon, used as a protective layer of the profile, play a better flame retardant effect. Therefore, magnesium hydroxide flame retardant also helps to extend the life of flame retardant materials.

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